2012 // Des-nudo

Ene 22, 2012   //   by Pilar   //   2012, Work  //  No Comments
Musings about transit in communication. I understand transit as the distance allowed to an emitter between thought and verb, this fictitious hallway where thoughts are filtered, will always be affected by the emotional context enveloping the emitter. I suppose there are no fixed formulas to activate or facilitate the sorting of this series of emotional complexities which will give rise to either contention or fluidity. Words such as baring or untying come to my head from the collective imaginarium. Words directly related to comunication. Baring implies an act of transparency, untying, the decision to overcome any conflict to transmit what one wishes. This is how we tie and untie, show and hide, this is how we retain and let go.     Broochs. Porcelain, silver. 13x7 cm. 2012.   Pins. Porcelain, silver. 11x0,5 cm, 7x1 cm. 2012   Broochs. Porcelain, silver. 11x8 cm, 7x8 cm. 2012.        

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